Courses: How to Pair Food and Wine

People enjoying food and wine often do not know how to go about selecting a wine to accompany a dish.

Wouldn’t you simply like to know what to do and delight your guests by being spot on?

So often a great, favourite wine is spoiled by selecting a dish that does not complement your wine choice.

You could decide on making your favourite wine the feature of a meal and select a dish to go with it.

Or you could make a specially-prepared culinary dish the focus of the evening and ensure that your wine enhances it.

Have you been gravely disappointed in the past? You chose the very best wine and an exquisite dish - and somehow your best effort fell flat. The two weren’t paired.

Perfect pairings are possible.

I could open a new world to you.

I present courses to individuals and groups as varied as:

  • Chefs
  • Restaurateurs and hoteliers
  • Food and Beverage Managers
  • Corporate events e.g. CEOs and their senior managers, in South Africa and abroad
  • Private events or gala dinners e.g. celebratory events with a difference
  • Tourists, local and foreign, who persue  culinary interests
  • Gourmet clubs
  • Wine clubs
  • Wine estates and their front-line staff
  • Hotel schools and their students who study towards qualifications in the hospitality and tourism trades

My courses are tailored to meet the needs of anyone interested in food and wine pairing. See courses.

The Food and Wine Pairing Guide

A quote from the back cover:

"Wine and food were made for each other, right? Well yes, but finding the perfect wine to complement a carefully prepared dish can often be a hit and miss affair. Now that’s about to change.

With the Food & Wine Pairing Guide as your companion, you’ll never again have to ask the question: ‘What wine should I drink with this dish?’

Katinka van Niekerk and Brian Burke have drawn on their extensive experience to provide a full ‘course between two covers’, outlining all the principles involved in finding the perfect food and wine match. Almost every dish eaten at home or in a restaurant is covered, along with wine recommendations to suit all tastes and budgets. So, all you have to do is decide what you want to eat, then pour yourself an appropriately matched glass of wine, and enjoy!"

See The Guide for further information and for a link to its Table of Contents.


Pairing wine, wit and, well, food

Melvyn Minnaar on 16 November 2009

"In the arcane challenge of pairing wine and food, Katinka van Niekerk has no equal. Now she’s put it all down in writing."

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Sunbathing in the Nude

Neil Pendock on 14 November 2009

"For lovers of food and quizzes, F&WPG is a most appropriate Christmas stocking filler and goes well with all wines."

Full review as a blog post on Pendock uncorked.

Take the whine out of giving. From books to bottles, you can't go wrong with wine

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Books on my bedside table during 2009

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directly from me at course venues at a discounted price.

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